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​​Owner and principal designer for ChristopherCharles Interiors and IndigoRED, LLC is a talented and innovative designer and professional organizer.  He has over 10 years of design experience.  Christopher’s creativity has been commended and sought after by many. ChristopherCharles is a native Houstonian, military veteran, graduate of the University of Maryland University College and dedicated to design excellence.

ChristopherCharles Interiors and IndigoRED, LLC specializes in specific designs that cater to our client's need for functional, comfortable, durable, stylish and affordable home interior composition.

The sole goal of ChristopherCharles Interiors and IndigoRED, LLC is to work closely with clients to determine and create an environment that is a reflection of their needs - whether it is a single room or an entire home. We believe in open transparent communication as a key to achieving the desired results. We pride ourselves on meeting budget and scheduling requirements.

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